Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is my routing number?

Q: Redbrand Credit Union is closed for which holidays?

Q: What is the difference between my account number and the number on the bottom of my checks?

Q: What is a two party check (and why can I not negotiate one through Redbrand Credit Union)?

Q: Should I cash a check for a friend?

Q: How do I update my address or other personal information with Redbrand?

Q: When is my direct deposit available?

Q: Can I check my VISA Credit Card balances and make payments online?

Q: How much can I spend daily with my ATM Card (PIN based transactions)?

Q: How much can I spend daily with my VISA Check Card (signature based transactions)?

Q: Can the daily ATM and VISA Check Card limits be increased?

Q: Can I do a cash advance at the Credit Union?

Q: Can I make my loan payment from my checking account at another institution?

Q: Is there a limit on the amount of cash I am able to receive?

Q: Why is there a daily cash back limit on my account?

Q: Can I bring my change into the Credit Union to be counted?

Q: I need to have funds wired into my account, what information do I give the sender?

Q: In trying to look at a copy of a cleared check the link says, “Image Not Found.”

Q: In trying to look at a copy of a cleared check, the image is that of a check that previously cleared.

Q: What is Courtesy Pay?

Q: Can I make a purchase using my debit card if the funds are not available in my checking account?

Q: Can I make international purchases with my VISA Check Card?

Q: What is a strong security question?