Account Types

Account Types

Primary Share/Savings Account (01)

Share Draft/Checking Account (75)

Back on Track Checking (76)

Sub-Savings Account (20-26)

Credit Builder Secured Loan Sub-Savings Account (27)

Share Secured VISA Sub-Savings Account (28)

Cash Now/Cash Later Sub-Savings Account (29)

Insured Money Market Account (91)

Share Certificates/Certificates of Deposit (050-055)

Traditional IRA/Daily Account (30)

Traditional IRA/Share Certificates (033-038)

Roth IRA/Daily Account (40)

Roth IRA/Share Certificates (043-048)

Christmas Club Account (60)

Vacation Club Account (80)

Accounts with Special Designations

Accounts for Minors (non-Custodial)

Accounts for Minors (Custodial)

Prime Time Account

Representative Payee Accounts

Business Accounts

Recreation/Club Accounts

Memorial Fund Accounts

Estate Account

Trust Accounts