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Do I qualify for membership?

There are various ways to qualify for membership with Redbrand Credit Union. If you live or work in Peoria County, Pekin, South Pekin, North Pekin or Marquette Heights you qualify for membership. Also, if you work for one of our Select Employee Groups you qualify for membership. If you have a family member who is a member or have been a member in the past you qualify. Also, if you are Catholic and live in the Peoria area, you qualify to join.

To have any service with the Credit Union you must first open a Primary Share Account. There is a minimum balance of $25 required. This is your share in the Credit Union. Once you have this open you qualify to apply for any other service the Credit Union offers.

When you come in you should come prepared with two forms of valid Government issued photo identification. If you do not have two, you much have at least one and another supporting item of identification. (Examples include: a card with your name embossed on it, a work identification card, your social security card, a Sam’s Card…). One of these items must contain your current residential address. We don’t necessarily have to send mail there, but we need the information to correctly identify you. If you do not have your current address on your photo identification you will need to bring in two pieces of mail with your current address. These mail pieces must serve some official purpose. Examples include: a copy of your paystub, a utility bill, insurance bill, or a medical/insurance card.

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