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Q: What is my routing number?
A: 271187875

Q: Redbrand Credit Union is closed for which holidays?
A: We are closed on the following days:

  • New Years Eve
  • New Years Day
  • Memorial Day & preceding Saturday
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day & preceding Saturday
  • Thanksgiving & Friday after
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
    If a holiday falls on a non-banking day (i.e. - Saturday or Sunday), we may be closed before and/or after the calendar date the holiday falls on.

Q: What is the difference between my account number and the number on the bottom of my checks?
A: Your account number is the number used primarily by the Credit Union for processing. This number corresponds to all of your accounts, unless you have multiple Primary Share Accounts open. If you are depositing into your savings, it is recommended you use your account number. If you are setting up either deposits or withdrawals into or out of checking, it is recommended you use the number on the bottom of your checks (routing information). It is commonly referred to as a 9 number (as it begins with a 9) or a MICR number.

Q: What is a two party check (and why can I not negotiate one through Redbrand Credit Union)?
A: A two party check is one that is made payable to one person and then made payable to another by endorsing the check: “Made payable to: XXXX.” Redbrand Credit Union does not accept these checks for security reasons. There has been a large amount of fraud associated with this type of transaction.

Q: How do I update my address or other personal information with Redbrand?
A: To protect your personal information we ask that you come into one of the offices to do this as it requires us to verify your identity.

Q: When is my direct deposit available?
A: Direct Deposits post once a day in the morning typically by 8:30.

Q: Can I check my VISA Credit Card balances and make payments online?
A: Yes, visit

Q: How much can I spend daily with my ATM Card (PIN based transactions)?
A: $300.

Q: How much can I spend daily with my VISA Check Card (signature based transactions)?
A: $1,000.

Q: Can the daily ATM and VISA Check Card limits be overridden?
A: We can override the spending limit on VISA Check Card (signature based) transactions. In an effort to prevent fraud, we ask that you come in and sign a form in order to increase the limit.

Q: Can I do a cash advance at the Credit Union?
A: Yes, Redbrand can process cash advances on cards bearing the VISA logo. You may also note, that a cash advance on a Redbrand Credit Union VISA Credit Card does not have any fees or even a different rate from purchases. Minimum cash advance amount: $50.

Q: Is there a limit on the amount of cash I am able to receive?
A: Yes, there is a daily cash withdrawal limit of $3000. However, the credit union reserves the right to change the daily cash withdrawal limit at anytime, without prior notice, on a temporary basis. If you need a larger amount of cash, please contact the Credit Union at least one week prior to the date you need the cash and we will make arrangements to have that amount available.

Q: Why is there a daily cash back limit on my account?
A: There are two main reasons why this limit is in place. For one, we strongly discourage carrying large amounts of cash. Secondly, having large amounts of cash on hand to be able to disburse large amounts of money regularly creates a higher operating expense.

Q: Cash I get cash from my Unemployment Debit Card?
A: Yes. Redbrand Credit Union can process any VISA Card or Mastercard cash advance transaction over the amount of $50.There is a $1 fee on any card other than a Redbrand Credit Union VISA Credit Card.

Q: Can I bring my change into the Credit Union to be counted?
A: Yes, each branch is equipped with a coin counter. However, coin does have to be clean and free of debris for us to accept it. Also note, coin cannot be processed through the Drive Thru; it must be brought into the lobby.

Q: I need to have funds wired into my account, what information do I give the sender?
A: The sender needs to send the funds to: Alloya Corporate FCU, 4450 Weaver Pkwy, Warrenville, IL 60555, routing number 271987635; Further Credit to Redbrand Credit Union, account number 271187875; Final Credit to Your Name and Your Account Number.

Q: In trying to look at a copy of a cleared check the link says, “Image Not Found.”
A: Typically this is what you see when a check you wrote was cleared electronically. There is not copy of the check as it was given back to you at the point of purchase.

Q: In trying to look at a copy of a cleared check, the image is that of a check that previously cleared.
A: This happens when two checks with the same check number have cleared your account. When there are multiple checks written with the same number, the system is always going to pull the check that cleared the account first.

Do I qualify for membership?

There are various ways to qualify for membership with Redbrand Credit Union. If you live or work in Peoria County, Pekin, South Pekin, North Pekin or Marquette Heights you qualify for membership. Also, if you work for one of our Select Employee Groups you qualify for membership. If you have a family member who is a member or have been a member in the past you qualify. Also, if you are a member of Peoria Catholic Diocese and practice in the Peoria area, you qualify to join.

To have any service with the Credit Union you must first open a Primary Share Account. There is a minimum balance of $25 required. This is your share in the Credit Union. Once you have this open you qualify to apply for any other service the Credit Union offers.

When you come in you should come prepared with two forms of valid Government issued photo identification. If you do not have two, you much have at least one and another supporting item of identification. Examples include: a card with your name embossed on it, a work identification card, your social security card, a Sam’s Card…). One of these items must contain your current residential address. We don’t necessarily have to send mail there, but we need the information to correctly identify you. If you do not have your current address on your photo identification you will need to bring in two pieces of mail with your current address. These mail pieces must serve some official purpose. Examples include: a copy of your paystub, a utility bill, insurance bill, or a medical/insurance card.

Federally Insured by the NCUA

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