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Home Rates. Image of a yard sale sign.
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Membership Entrance Fee $1.00
Check Cashing (Savings < $100.00/No Other Accts.) $1.00
Account Statement $2.00
Early Account Closure (Within 90 Days of Opening) $10.00
Replace lost ATM/VISA Check Card $5.00
Check Withdrawal $1.00
Money Order $1.50
Temporary Checks $1.75
Overdraft Transfer (Six Free/Month) $30.00
Courtesy Pay $30.00
Nonsufficient Funds Item $30.00
Returned Check Fee (Items deposited) $30.00
Stop Payments $30.00
ATM Transactions (20 Free/Month) $1.00
Check copies (Six Free/Year) $5.00
Account Research $50.00/hour
Account Balancing Assistence (first time free) $20.00/hour
Account Maintenance (4 free changes/year) $30.00
Account Inactivity Fee (< $250 & no activity for 6 months) $10.00/month
International Wire Transfer (Overseas) $35.00
Domestic Wire Transfer $30.00
Western Union $25.00
Non-Member ONUS Check Cashing (waived for checks <$50) $10.00

Federally Insured
by the NCUA

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